About Glucan 300®



Glucan 300® Nutritional Supplements Canada 


Purity and testing

Every batch is tested and all assays are conducted by independent third parties.  Every lot receives its own Certificate of Analysis.


Scientific Research

Beta1-3D Glucan (also commonly referred to as Beta-1,3/1,6 Glucan) is backed by a large body of solid science, including peer-reviewed research in North America and abroad.



Glucan 300® is purified to yield a final product containing a minimum of 83% Beta 1,3D Glucan.
Glucan 300® is sourced in the USA.


Where to Buy in Canada

Beta Glucan Company of Canada Inc. is the exclusive Canadian distributor of Glucan 300® to individuals and health care practitioners in Canada.  www.betaglucancanada.com

Retail Location: Baldwin Naturals, 16 Baldwin St. Toronto, Ontario M5T 1L2.


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