About Glucan 300®

 Transfer Point Beta1-3D is known in Canada as Glucan 300®

 - approved by Nutritional Supplements Canada 


Purity and testing

Every batch is tested and all assays are conducted by independent third parties.  Every lot receives its own Certificate of Analysis.


Scientific Research

Beta1-3D Glucan (also commonly referred to as Transfer Point Beta-1,3/1,6 Glucan) is backed by a large body of solid science, including peer-reviewed research in North America and abroad.



Glucan 300® is purified to yield a final product containing a minimum of 83% Beta 1,3D Glucan.
Glucan 300® is sourced in the USA.


Where to Buy in Canada

Beta Glucan Company of Canada Inc. is the exclusive Canadian distributor of Glucan 300® to individuals and health care practitioners in Canada.  www.betaglucancanada.com

Retail Location: Baldwin Naturals, 16 Baldwin St. Toronto, Ontario M5T 1L2.


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